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ASUS Lifeframe is a software utility that comes pre-installed on many ASUS systems, primarily laptops because they come with a built-in webcam. The software package allows you to do many image (still or video) capture, editing, effect, and publication capabilities.

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    Mathias 28 days ago

    So, I have searched close to all of the Internet for an answer to this. I've got LifeFrame3, made sure the camera is connected and all that. But whenever I click the button to take a picture, nothing happens. I've tried repairing it and reinstalling it. It doesn't hide the pictures or anything else. It simply just doesn't take any. Does anyone have an answer to this?

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    Guest 3 months ago

    I need help. I'm trying to install LifeFrame 3 but it says "Source file not found" (DATA\LIFEF.CAB)

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    Guest 3 months ago

    I want to open LifeFrame but it's saying the camera is used by another program.
    But nothing is using it.

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